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5HP 460V omron sysdrive ac inverter with warranty -

Contact Information: (Kathie Mullen)
What is for sale: 5HP 460V omron sysdrive ac inverter with warranty -
* Rated Input Voltage and Frequency: 3-phase, 380 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz
* Maximum Output Voltage: 3-phase, 380 to 460 V (proportional to input voltage)
* Maximum Applicable Motor Output: 5HP (3.7kW)
* Rated Output Current: 8.6 Amps
* Maximum Output Frequency: 400Hz (programmable)
* Control Method: Sine wave Pulse Width Modulation (V/f control)
* Frequency Control Range: .1 to 400 Hz
* Overload Capacity: 150% rated output current for one minute
* Frequency Reference Signal: 0-10 VDC, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA frequency setting volume (selectable)
* Accel/Decel TIme: 0.1 to 999 seconds (accel./decel. time are independently programmed)
* Motor Overload Protection: Electronic thermal overload relay
* Multi-function Input: Four of the following input signals are selectable: Reverse run (3-wire sequence), fault reset, external fault (NO/NC contact input), multi-step speed operation, Jog command, accel/decel time select, external baseblock (NO/NC contact input), speed search command, accel/decel hold command, LOCAL/REMOTE selection, communication/control circuit terminal selection, emergency stop fault, emergency stop alarm.
* Multi-function Output: Following output signals are selectable (1 NO/NC contact output): Fault, running, zero speed, at frequency, frequency detection (output frequency< or > set value), during overtorque detection, minor error, during baseblock, operation mode, inerter run ready, during fault retry, during under-voltage, during speed search, data output through communication.
* All configuration perimeters are accessible through the integrated operator console.
* Easy to install, set up, maintain and program
* Space-saving design ideal for new or retrofit panels
* Integrated, face-mounted speed potentiometer for quick start up after power is applied
* Quick start LEDs for easy programming
* Communication option include RS0232C/485
* Multi-step speed control for up to nine steps, UP/DOWN operation, and jog operation
* Ideal for simple, low horsepower speed control applications
* Excellent starting torque of 150% at 3Hz
* Virtually immune to overload
* Consistent perfolmance despite changing conditions
* Full-range automatic torque boost
* Supports analog inputs of 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA, or 0 to 20 mA
* Supports an analog monitor output and a digital output
* Accepts both PNP and NPN inputs
* A high-speed current limiting function minimizes over-current trips (above 250% of rated current)
* Quick restarts after momentary power loss
* Stall prevention and fault retry funtions
* UL recognized electronic thermal overload
* Inrush current suppression and ground fault protection
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5HP 460V omron sysdrive ac inverter with warranty - 5HP 460V omron sysdrive ac inverter with warranty - 5HP 460V omron sysdrive ac inverter with warranty -