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Centroid cnc control "multiple work coordinates" option

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What is for sale: Centroid cnc control "multiple work coordinates" option
CENTROID CNC CONTROL OPTION - Multiple Work Coordinates
Centroid CNC controls are very usable with their standard software package. However, we do offer higher level software features developed for the advanced CNC machinist and programmer. These optional software features are available for use on all Centroid M series controls. Below, we offer examples of common ways that this option is used to shorten the overall part to part cycle time. Whether you machine one part at a time or thousands Centroid has developed many add on features to help speed the process.
Simply put, this feature provides you with multiple part home positions.
How can I use this on my machine?
1. lets asume you have multiple parts clamped onto your machine's bed. Each part will have its own separate part zero home position. The first part will be labled G54 the second part G55 and the third part G56. With out multiple work coordinates (MWC) a single tool G-code program would have to be written out 3 separate times with different hole locations based on a single part zero point. With MWC, you write the program once (to print dimensions) then, copy and past the entire program twice more. The first copy of your program cuts part 1 with a G54 coordinate. The second part is cut with the G55 cordinate called out at the beginning of its program code and the third copy will cut the third part with a G56 coordinate listed at the begining of its program copy.
2. Lets take this a step further and say, these 3 parts require 4 tools to complete the machining process. A center drill, a drill, a tap, and, an end mill. It is much more efficient to use each tool on all 3 parts before moving on to the next operation. With MWC you can program one complete part, then, use cut and paste to copy the programming for tool 1 two more times placing the correct G54, G55, G56 coordinate in front of each. Do this for each tool and you have saved yourself 8 tool changes and much time. Cut and past is commonly used on every PC word editor and is also provided on all new Centroid CNC control. You will find that it works on your Centroid control exactly as it works on your desktop PC. Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+V to paste, and Ctrl+X to cut (remove but save to the clipboard). Centroid has incorperated several such short cuts into our CNC control.
3. Some machines have multiple fixtures that remain mounted at all times. MWC provides a quick and easy way to keep the fixture home position stored and ready to use without re-establishing the setup.
You are purchasing Multiple Work Coordinate System Unlock:
This option will provide you with 18 different part zero work coordinates.
Each work coordinate will include the part zero position for X, Y, Z, CSR, and the 4th axis if you have one.
Each Centroid software option is fully documented in your programming manual.
This feature requires software version ____ and higher to function.
Once purchased, this option will remain available on your control even if you replace the hard drive, Upgrade the computer or change your software version.
Available, by phone and Email. Typical Email response is less than 24 hours.
Machines in Motion will provide you with any related factory technical documents as needed.
Once you have completed the purchase of this software feature, Machines in Motion Inc. will forward the unlock code to you by Fax or Email. There is no way to return software unlocks after they have been purchased and generated by the factory.
Machines in Motion Inc. Discounts.
We offer discount pricing when you purchase multiple software options within a 24 hour period.
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