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86-20 positioner M22520/7-12 dmc for MH860 - unused

Contact Information: (Leola Meyers)
What is for sale: 86-20 positioner M22520/7-12 dmc for MH860 - unused
NEW OLD STOCK DMC 86-20 M22520/7-12 POSITIONER FOR MH860 TOOL M22520/7-01
Unused old stock. Like all USA-made professional tools and accessories these are very expensive in the UK (much more so than in the USA...!) - so here is an opportunity to save money.
Various manufacturers made tools to the MIL-C spec, so the positioners from Balmar, Buchanan and other manufacturers like Daniels DMC are interchangeable, and this positioner will for example drop straight into a Balmar or an Astro or a Buchanan M22520/7-01 crimptool.
Check my store listings for MIL-C tools and accessories, and pro crimptools and wiring tools by leading makers.
I've been a professional recording engineer and pro audio tech since 1975.
All sales are final with no returns.
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