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UC3176, full bridge power amplifier, unitrode, qty 5

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What is for sale: UC3176, full bridge power amplifier, unitrode, qty 5
UC3176QP, Full Bridge Power Amplifier, 28 Pin PLCC, Quantity 5, Unitrode/Texas Instruments.
Auxiliary functions on this device include a dual input under-voltage comparator that can be programmed to respond to low voltage conditions on two independent supplies. In response to an under-voltage condition the power Op-Amps are inhibited and a high current, 100mA, open collector drive output is activated. A separate Park/Inhibit command input.
The devices are operational over a 3V to 35V supply range. Internal under-voltage lockout provides predictable power-up and power-down characteristics.
* Dual Power Operational Amplifiers
* ±2A Output Current Guaranteed
* Precision Current Sense Amplifier
* Two Supply Monitoring Inputs
* Parking Function and Under-Voltage Lockout
* Safe Operating Area Protection
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Quantity 5 ..... New Parts !!!!!
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