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U.s. property do not copy 1/16" tall (2 lines)

Contact Information: (Tommy Campbell)
What is for sale: U.s. property do not copy 1/16" tall (2 lines)
"Everstamp Marking devices Since 1898"
This is a superior quality, mill cut, key stamp from Henry A. Evers Co. This stamp is an H-Series steel shank, designed to fit into the Evers E6H Stamp Holder and be hammer struck. Stamp can also be used for hand held applications. Stamp is reading left, so impression will be reading right. Listing picture does not clearly show detail. Recieve a 20% discount when ordering 10 or more of the same item!
Stock H #115 (2 Lines) U.S. PROPERTY
Characters 1/16"tall. DO NOT COPY
Shank is an (H-series) 3/8"X3/4"X3" long, for E6H holder.
(H-Series) Shank has center slot pin, designed for Evers E6H spring loaded stamp holders.
Made of O-1 tool steel, hardened and tempered to aprox. 60rc.
Designed to last for thousands of impressions!
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U.s. property do not copy 1/16