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Ni pxi-2530 128-channel multiplexer/matrix switch

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What is for sale: Ni pxi-2530 128-channel multiplexer/matrix switch
National Instrument NI PXI-2530 128-Channel Multiconfiguration Multiplexer/Matrix Switch
* Multiplexer - 128x1 (1-wire), 64x1 (2-wire), 32x1 (4-wire), 8 banks of 16x1 (1-wire)
* 60 VDC or 30 Vrms maximum voltage
* 900 channels/s maximum switching speed
* 7 multiplexer/matrix configurations
* Matrix - 4x32 (1-wire), 8x16 (1-wire), and 4x16 (2-wire)
* Data Sheet | Specifications (pdf)
The National Instruments PXI-2530 is a high-density, multiconfiguration multiplexer/matrix switch module. With four multiplexer and three matrix configurations, the NI PXI-2530 is an excellent solution for large or complex-channel-count systems. Multiplexer configurations include 128x1 (1-wire), 64x1 (2-wire), 32x1 (4-wire), or eight banks of 16x1 (1-wire). Matrix configurations include 4x32 (1-wire), 8x16 (1-wire), or 4x16 (2-wire). You can implement these configurations by selecting the appropriate terminal block. With the speed of reed relays, the PXI-2530 is an ideal front-end component for high-speed measurement devices, such as the NI PXI-4070 6½-digit FlexDMM.
Used. In good working condition.
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