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Lot of 5 oplc plc hmi programmable controller M91-2-R1

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What is for sale: Lot of 5 oplc plc hmi programmable controller M91-2-R1
Operating panel and Programmable Logic Controller, integrated into a single, powerful device. No PLC-panel wiring. Our programming software is based on the same concept: you program both HMI and Ladder control applications in a single software environment.
M90/M91â„¢ : micro PLC with text HMI
The M90/M91â„¢ is an innovative micro-PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) with a built-in operating panel. The operating panel offers an LCD that can display two 16-character text lines, and a keypad (one line in the M90 models). The M90/M91â„¢ series offers a variety of onboard I/O configurations, including direct temperature and weight measurement inputs; the configuration can be expanded by adding I/O Expansion Modules. The M90/M91â„¢ is the perfect control solution for small-to-medium applications such as water treatment, automated machines, and process control.
Our PLC/HMI integrated devices:
* cut budget by reducing requirements for additional hardware
* prevent you from wasting time setting up Panel-PLC communication
* 10 Digital Inputs including 3 Inpiuts which can function as either high-speed counters, shaft encoders, frequency measurers or as normal digital inputs
* 2 Lines x 16 characters, STN LCD, LED backlight HMI Displays
* GSM support - enables SMS messages
The M90/M91’s 4 built-in PID loops can be used to economically and efficiently combine accurate process control with the flexibility of a PLC. Auto-tune is provided via an external PC-based application. Database
Log production quantities, monitor temperatures, or record any type of required data with the embedded 1024 integer database.
Use the controller’s integral 10kHz inputs as high-speed counters, frequency measurers, or to directly connect to shaft-encoders.
Control stepper motors or PID-based applications, via PWM, with the M90/91’s onboard high-speed outputs (model-dependent).
Easy Scrolling between Recipes
Easy Scrolling between Recipes
Simply scroll between pre-programmed recipes or menus, using the panel’s arrow keys. This enables you to choose and activate a desired task via the HMI - immediately, on-site. Upload
Full source, password-protected upload option enables you to restore the application, as if it was just saved on your PC (including Comments and symbols).
Our PLC textual displays support over 15 languages. Graphical displays support any language, according to the fonts installed in your version of Windows. Print Utility
Log system data or events-on paper. Unitronics PLCs can send scheduled or event-provoked messages to a serial printer, either directly or via modem. Time-based Control
Do you need a specific task to be performed at a specific time and date? Simply mark the hour, date or weekday in the PLC software—and you have created time-based control in 3 clicks. Information Mode
Press the key on the operator panel to enter the PLC’s Information Mode, providing you with powerful diagnostic capabilities.
Use your cellular phone to implement real-time remote control in your application. Unitronics PLCs can send and receive SMS messages to/from any GSM cellular phone. The SMS-enabled controllers can:
* Send & receive text and variable SMS messages
* Route different messages to different phone numbers
* Auto-acknowledge received messages
* Answer data requests—from your cell phone, directly back to your cell phone
Use your PC to access remote PLCs via network connections, cellular, or landline modems. Unitronics’ unique Remote Access utilities enable you to remotely:
* Operate the controller’s HMI panel via PC
* Run, reset, or initialize a controller
* Download, upload, or debug PLC programs
* Read, write, and store online operand and system values
Use serial MODBUS to create a multi-device network, and establish master-slave communication between Unitronics PLCs and any connected device that supports the MODBUS protocol (SCADA systems, servos and other peripheral devices). Any Unitronics controller in the network may function as either master or slave.
Implement efficient distributed control by rapid inter-PLC data exchange. Use Unitronics’ CANbus protocol to integrate up to 63 PLCs into one high-speed network.
Use the M91’s RS232/RS485 port to:
* Gain PC access to stand-alone and networked controllers
* Communicate with external serial devices, such as modems and serial printers
* Implement MODBUS communication
This powerful software utility captures PLC application data and exports it to Excel files for logging or processing. Data is exported either directly, via network connection, or via modem in accordance with a pre-set schedule—or instantly exported in response to a user request.
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Lot of 5 oplc plc hmi programmable controller M91-2-R1 Lot of 5 oplc plc hmi programmable controller M91-2-R1 Lot of 5 oplc plc hmi programmable controller M91-2-R1 Lot of 5 oplc plc hmi programmable controller M91-2-R1