We are Oklahomans and we are PROUD! All of us, descendants of American Indians, Europeans, Africans, or Asians, we found a place in this LAND OF THE FREE and we are determined to PERSUE OUR HAPPINESS. As you know you cannot be happy with too much stuff, so here, we created a moderated web newsgroup to sell your unwanted things.

Email your ad to the moderators at submit@oklahomaselltoday.com. State what you are selling in the Subject of your email and specify the location. We use automated spam filters to weed out obvious junk. We have an artificial intelligence program that correctly places your ad in 85-90% of cases. All IMAGE ATTACHMENTS that you include will be posted publically.

Our privacy policy is as follows. 1) we give all posters a temporary email address, 2) we do not collect any info on visitors and 3) All email logs are recycled after one week.